Advisor for Investments in the Power Sector

Power assets are an integral part of our economy and attract significant investment dollars. Our firm is committed to assisting institutional and strategic sources of capital originate, analyze, finance, acquire and manage power assets. Our firm also assists power asset owners in seeking buyers for their assets and developers in accessing the right sources of capital for  their projects.

What distinguishes us


Our advisory platform is an integration of the core skill sets necessary for successful investments in the power sector. Our team is not only skilled in financial structuring, but also posseses real asset development, operational, management and optimization experience. Our team not only has advisory experience, but has spent a number of years as principal investors. The blend of these skill sets provides a principal based multi-disciplinary approach to investment opportunities.


What we do


We represent and advise both buyers and sellers of power assets in the acquisition, sale, financing, development and management of their assets. The range of assets include conventional generation (coal, gas or oil fired plants), renewable generation (wind, solar, biomass, distributive), transmission and distribution assets, as well as wood pellet manufacturing facilities.